Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation


Our brains are constantly changing, learning from our experiences - good or bad.

A modality practised by Dr Cassie Atkinson-Quinton, Chiropractic Neuro-Rehab harnesses neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and change its structure, function and connections.

Imagine walking along the same path every day for a number of years. This path is a well defined track. One day you decide to venture off the path and onto the nearby grass. Looking behind you, you wouldn’t see a path but merely footprints. If you repeat this new route every day, you would eventually create a new path.

These paths are akin to connections in the brain. The more we use a path or a brain connection, the more defined and stronger it is. Our ability to create and change the connections in our brain (neuroplasticity) is responsible for learning and memory.

Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation is called various names: Functional Neurology, Clinical Neuroscience Applications, Brain-Based Therapies and Receptor-Based Therapies. At Body and Brain Centre, we use the term "Chiropractic Neuro-Rehab" to avoid confusion. Dr Cassie is not medically trained in neurology, but has completed postgraduate studies in neuroscience and brain-based therapies.

Comprehensive examination includes:

  • Mental status
  • Sensory
  • Motor
  • Visual reflexes
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Posture
  • Muscle tone & strength
  • Range of motion
  • Functional Brain Scans - Quantitative Electroencephalograms (QEEG)

Tailored brain-based therapies include:

  • Tactile stimulation
  • Specific joint and muscle mobilisations
  • Visual tracking patterns
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Neuromodulation techniques
  • Sensory tricks
  • Integration of retained primitive reflexes
  • Cognitive tasks and games
Please note: Cassie is a chiropractor who has done postgraduate studies in Chiropractic Functional Neuro-Rehabilitation.   She is not a medical doctor and has not been medically trained in neurology. If you wish to seek medical advice prior to your consultation, you should speak to your medical neurologist.