Alan Quinton,
Executive Coach


Spending the last 25 years in senior leadership, Alan has won state awards for his change leadership initiatives as well as earnt fellowship status of the esteemed Australian Institute of Management. He’s grown accustomed to the glowing results from those he’s coached and mentored, especially from those struggling to translate their ideas into concrete achievable actions.

Alan understands that all aspects of life are important. Our physical and mental well-being affect our ability to achieve our career and leadership goals and, inversely, our professional satisfaction affects our health and social relationships. With this in mind, Alan works with his executive coaching clients to create an easy to follow action plan to achieve your goals to achieve a sense of fulfilment.

Areas of Interest:

    • Executive Coaching
    • Strategic Planning
    • Crisis Management
    • Conflict Mediation
    • Mentoring
    • Improved Performance
    • Leadership Development


    • Masters of Public Policy and Management
    • Graduate Diploma of Public Sector
    • Associate Diploma Applied Science (Fire Technology)
    • Executive Coaching Certificate


    • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management
    • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
    • Board Member of the Firefighters Credit Co-Operative

Alan has almost forty years experience with the last 25 years as a senior leader within one of Australia’s leading fire services, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB). He has coached and mentored numerous members of senior management with glowing results. As a leading promoter for community integration, Alan has also provided these skills to the broader emergency management environment and also to members from the multicultural community.

Alan has been at the forefront managing some of Melbourne and Victoria’s largest fires and emergencies. This has required him to deal with people at their most vulnerable and provide the necessary leadership to manage diverse groups of people in a crisis situation. It needs for a cool-head and decisive action whilst keeping all lines of communication open.

Alan has a wealth of experience at leading others in challenging situations and dealing with people under duress. He can show others how to implement strategy and ideas into action.

Outside the work environment, Alan is a keen golfer and interested in most sports. He also is committed to the whole of mind and body health. He has a regular exercise regimen that would be envied by younger people. Alan has strong belief in all aspects of life are important and is a devout family man with a keen interest in his wife and two daughters. In his limited spare time he loves to read adventure.

Alan is a strong advocate for supporting diversity within the fire and emergency services and in the wider community. Alan has won two state awards for his work with the non-English speaking communities. He is an excellent coach and role model for assisting others who are struggling to translate ideas into concrete achievable actions.

Other attributes that Alan brings are:

    • His commitment to learning and new ways to solve problems
    • His honesty, courage and accountability / responsibility in leadership
    • He is an authentic leader
    • His ability to help others to learn and solve their issues

Please note that a Q&A series with Alan will be coming soon to our blog page!