Cutting-Edge Technology


Body & Brain Centre combines the latest research and technology to thoroughly assess and treat our patients.

Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) Brain Scan

Functional Brain Scans or Quantitative Electroencephalograms (QEEG) record brain waves (delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma). The connections and patterns of these brainwaves help provide an understanding of how the brain is communicating and functioning.

Balance Force-Plate Technology

Computerised balance assessments provide an accurate measure of your stability and balance. This is especially useful in concussion, falls risk and dizziness patients.

Please note: Cassie is a chiropractor who has done postgraduate studies in Chiropractic Functional Neuro-Rehabilitation.   She is not a medical doctor and has not been medically trained in neurology. If you wish to seek medical advice prior to your consultation, you should speak to your medical neurologist.