Concussions in Cricket

We don't frequently associate cricket with concussions. Normally, we think of contact sports such as AFL, NRL or boxing however this year we have seen two players pulled for concussion testing within a week because of two separate incidents.

First off, Matt Renshaw was pulled from the Sydney Test with a concussion diagnosis after two hits to the head. Then, Peter Neville was taken off for concussion testing in the Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Sixers Big Bash League game.

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Renshaw out of Test with Concussion news article
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Neville Leaves Field after Being Struck news article

These cricketers and other elite athletes perform testing prior to the start of their sporting season. This ensures that the club doctors and health staff have a baseline measurement for that specific player. If they receive a knock during the game, they are tested again. Their results are then compared to their pre-season baseline results to help determine whether they have slower-than-normal reaction times, decreased balance and coordination or impaired cognitive function.

Body and Brain Centre offer baseline testing including computerised balance assessments and functional brain scans (QEEGs).

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